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Professional Web Design

Our web design blends visual and interaction design, sophisticated content structure and editorial, high quality programming and quality assurance for a world-class impression. When a visitor comes to the website, the message, communication and overall experience needs to be sophisticated and high quality to improve the brand perception of the reader and motivate to

  • read further and delve deeper into the content of the website
  • make contact by filling in a form on the website, or sending an email or making a call to the numbers listed
  • make an online purchase if the website offers a catalogue and online buying options

The website's design and implementation is critical in achieving these objectives. Bounce rates occur when the reader comes to the website and exits quickly without going through more details in the website. Typically bounce rates are high when the design and content of the website is not compelling to the reader. When bounce rates are high, it means that the design of the website is turning away the reader who has arrived. In effect this means that the effort in bringing the reader to the website has been lost by poor design. Excellent web design can help you convert more visitors into positive leads and customers.

A website that makes a poor impression can also do your brand and image damage by lowering the respect that the reader has for your brand and company. It is therefore very important for your website to be designed and managed well.

A website should not just look good. It must have good content and the content must be written in a way that appeals to the reader. The website must have high quality programming and consistency and it must be clear, visually simple and easy to navigate through. The reader must be able to get the specific information that they seek quickly and intuitively.

Good web design promotes rankings of the website by the search engines. Good design and communication also helps turn more visitors into customers.

What we can do for you
Our integrated team of experienced graphics and web designers, software programmers, digital media experts, communications and media professionals can together produce a world-class website that is hot for search engines, hot for visitors, hot for serious readers who want more information and most importantly hot for buyers who are ready to make a purchase decision.

We have designed, developed and managed thousands of websites over the years and helped our customers generate large volumes of business through their website. Our work spans several different categories of businesses including lifestyle, telecommunications, industrial, services, finance, healthcare, high technology and several more.

We can power your online sales and turn your website into a hot source of new readers, customers and revenues for your business.

Why Hire a Professional Website Designer?

You can create an attractive website if you are a little artistic and have some IT skills as many people do. However, finding your site using keywords through a search after it has been uploaded is another story altogether. The only way you will be able to find it is to type in your URL ( This is not good as most people are searching for a particular service or product and won't know what your URL is.

A professional web designer will do the following:
  • Convert all your text into HTML code
  • Proofread your text and take care of editing and copywriting
  • Create hyperlinks, e-mail links, tables, hotspots, image maps, backgrounds, icons etc
  • Utilise graphics from our extensive library, create logos, images, banners etc
  • Mouseovers, drop down menus and other functions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Test for Browser compatibility
  • Validate your pages with a code validation service
  • Publish your website to your ISP Provider
  • Add URL to search Engines and directories
  • Website Promotion

Professional Web Design

A Website not only needs to look professional as it is a reflection of your business, it also requires good navigation and useability - This is the basis for good web design. It should always be obvious to your visitors how to get where they want to go on your website and it should be impossible to get "lost".

Good Content

Good Content is the most important aspect of successful Web design. To support your content, you need the right combination of technology and graphics. Websites have to be functional, work correctly and should be appealing to the eye.

Be Aware

When hiring a web designer make sure all of the above are included in the price quoted. A Website Designer knows when a customer doesn't understand web design and the internet. After your website has been published and fees paid, you may find that your website can't be found on the internet and that extra charges apply for optimisation and promotion of a website.


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